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Practice teaches that no good result can be achieved without a precise planning phase, which considers all single details able to turn even the smallest back yard in a satisfying experience. Localization of the intervention, study of the environmental and historical context in which it is inserted, study of the morphological and typological features of the soil, climatic conditions and study of the native vegetation, views, orientation, motivational and formal expectations of the client, are just some of the aspects that grant the success of the project. Only an accurate planning phase ensure the best possible intervention according to customer needs.
It is one of the most delicate phases of the intervention. It requires an accurated analysis of the site that define the possible weak as well as of the strength points that will define the design.
Style and budgeting evaluations are shared with the client in order to proceed further to a detailed phase.
It is the phase where the design proposal is supported by photorealistic images and technical drawings to accurately show the final result of the project.
It is the phase that precede the execution of the project. Where the last touches-up, both technical and economic, are defined.