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Hanging Green

In case there are areas not in direct contact with the natural soil, but the customer still wants a garden, we are able to suggest solutions that we will plan and deliver using specialized techniques and processes. We create, above the architectural surface, a garden that has the same needs and gives off the same beauty of spaces at a ground level.
Extensive hanging garden
It is the simplest system to create and maintain, with low weight, low cost and very low maintenance. It is mainly used in the temperate climate zone
Light weight intensive hanging garden
This system, which includes lawns, is a low construction and maintenance cost, low thickness, and weight as well. With this system can be installed furnitures and paving systems. The vegetation is limited to medium-sized bushy species.
Intensive hanging garden[brIt is the hanging green system designed to allow the realization of any type of hanging garden, even with large trees, heavy furniture and driveways. It’s offer a very wide range of applications. The limits of the project are determined only by the characteristics of the supporting structure.